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practicing stylized art by illustrating a creative commons children's book about a fox who wanted to fly..?

just the initial comps...


rough colorsss


designing the character... this is the character "in" the story. since the story is a fox telling a story about a fox who wanted to fly... i wanted to separate the design for the diff foxes...

so this fox is bipedal, while the fox telling the story would be just like a normal fox.


normal fox




first couple pages. still rough will polish it later


more roughs

reused this one, just added a pair of arms for more *intensity* xd


night time is a bit rough need to choose the right colors. but can't have color without a light source... hmm


the scale for the trees on these is way off... but kinda makes it cuter.


took a very long break on this one xd

but there's only 2 more pages to do!!!