Wanted to draw another illustration for my fox character. Here are some first sketches


cooool!! can’t wait to see where this goes xD


Decided to go for another pose. Added some flats and blocked in the background. 


how do you keep your lines so clean?!?


I dont know . I just keep redrawing it till it looks ok to me


Blocked in the lighting today. Gonna start rendering next


looking super good!!


Background done. Only thing left is to render the character a bit more



are the patterns from a photo?

also, is it too late to add a cute weasel? like this https://bit.ly/3HnUCRj haha


this looks so pretty!! I love the warm light from behind ❤


Almost done


Alright, I'm done with this one. I'll put the higher res version up on Twitter and Instagram later this day


omgg I love it!!!


STUNNING!!!! i love the weasel 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。


i dont see an elk?!