Wanna start a project for my art portfolio based on the book: Binti
I think the story is very interesting and I'll see if I have the skills to illustrate the characters and environments.

Here are some fun sketches of Binti and Okwu to get me started ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


sketching what the astrolabe which in this world, is an electronic device to communicate, also contain their ownerโ€™s entire past, possible futures, and family history. They act as a passport or government identification.

This kinda looks like an apple watch currently... don't know if I like that... 
I do like the idea of it being detachable?? It's a very important device, so maybe it's a better design if it is embedded in the person. haha


idk what I'm doinggg hahaha


Astrolabe shop?? 
I wanted it to feel like the place where they fix watches or phones


More sketching

the notepad things are super inspired by the "remarkable 2" xD and the cube is the "edan" a mysterious metal object carried by Binti as a lucky charm

trying to figure out Binti's design. I really liked my first sketch of her on update #1 


looking really cool so far!!




How to draw a character consistently? help ples xD


exploring Binti's look.. She's a Himba and is trying to preserve her culture... not sure how that would look in a scifi world.

These are the two that I kinda like.


loveee her new fit!!


more of a modern fit xD
i like it but it doesn't fit the character.

i think C fits the character best, gonna go with that


more sketching and some poses

Wonder what other poses I should do.. she's not really a fighter so no dynamic poses? hmhmhm


Binti's otjize container

Kinda like it without the pattern... but I don't hate it if it does. 


some room designs!! I like all of em help me choose! xD


more work on the room here: https://wips.art/post/g36ATOcJAOO9wjYXVPti


Dining area in the spaceship... 


hmmm could be a cool space


concept art icon <33


trying to take the further...
totally no idea what kind of plants these are.. i want the room to be more organic