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A post here is a progress log, not the finished piece. Share how your art develops, ask feedback as you work on it.

It is structured like a blog. For each update, you can share the images you currently have and write about what your goals are. Note that we currently limit file sizes to 1 mb.

post screenshot

When you made some changes, share them. Update your post.

post screenshot 2

Update your post as many times you want!

Web monetization

If a post is exclusive, only the first update will be available for free. Exclusive posts can be viewed even without creating an account on wips for those with Web Monetization enabled. Earnings go directly to the artist.

more on Web Monetization here.

Comment rewards(soon)

Artists can choose helpful comments to reward. This should encourage constructive comments!


  • Talia Skyles
  • Xander Jake de los Santos

founding artists: .ppy, black lotus

Supported by: grant for the web logo

Grant for the Web is a fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization.